me and the old panasonic camera

Hi there and welcome to my blog, my name is Marien Brethouwer and I have been facinated by filmmaking and videocamera's since I was a kid. It's not what I do for a living though, I am a professional web developer at Sixtyseven in The Netherlands.

I am not entirely sure what this blog will turn into in a few months time but the idea is not to write so much about what I do for a living, web development, but what I love to do in my spare time: making short films and taking pictures.

Since I was about seven or eight years old I have had an interest in programming and when I was about ten years old I started to play with my mom and dad's super large and heavy panasonic video camera with external VHS recorder (see picture at the top of this blogpost). I think it must have been the Panasonic WV-3320 with the Blaupunkt RTX-100E. Unfortunately we don't have it anymore because I lost sight of the camera while filming outside with my friends and the wind blew it over... man I was so sad...

Ever since those days I have kept an interest in both and made one of those hobbies my profession.

IBC 2004

When I visited the IBC with my then colleague and friend Rick Blokdijk back in 2004 my love for camera's was reignited and I bought my first (semi)professional video camera: The Sony PDX10.

I used the PDX10 to shoot some holidays, a wedding, some home video's and I occassionaly used it for my work at Sixtyseven.

Sony PMW-EX1

When my boss at Sixtyseven decided that he wanted to do more with video he asked me to buy a camera for the company. The year was 2007 and I came across a blog from Philip Bloom where he was shooting some awesome videos with the Sony PMW-EX1:

Piccadilly Furs HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

So we decided to buy this camera and a Letus Extreme 35mm lens adapter. We used it for a couple of jobs but video never really took off for us at Sixtyseven, it wasn't our core business and I was still working each day as a web developer (which I still love).


Because of the Letus Extreme 35mm adapter I decided to sell my own Canon 350D DSLR camera and go for a Nikon D300 with some full frame lenses that had manual iris control because you didn't have any exposure control on Canon Lenses at that time.

This was a few weeks before Canon released the Canon 5D Mark II, I love my Nikon and Nikkor lenses but man, did I miss out on the HD DSLR revolution or what? I followed it closely from the sidelines but it wasn't until the Nikon D7000 was released that I could participate in it.

The D7000 certainly had it's flaws but it was great to be able to create more cinematic looking images on such a small body (especially when you compare it to a Sony PMW-EX1 with Letus Extreme attached to it).

With my D7000 I started shooting more and more in my spare time, creating video's just for the fun of it.

This was the first video I created with my D7000:

Test Shots Nikon D7000 from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

Shooting a wedding

When my best friend asked him to be his best man for his wedding in New York City (which we both visited three times before because we love the city and american sports) I didn't hesitate to say yes and ofcourse, I shot their wedding video:

NYC Trouwerij / Wedding Ivo & Tanja from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

On the day we left New York City we made a last visit to Central Park to enjoy a beautiful day in spring, I created this video:

Central Park from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.


In the mean time I also started to get interested in shooting timelapses, mainly inspired by the wondeful timelapse videos and Timescapes movie by Tom Lowe.

Here is one of my first timelapse expiriments:

Wijk aan Zee Timelapse from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

I have created many more since but haven't published them yet on vimeo.

Mood Videos

As I mentioned earlier, I started to shoot more and more with my D7000 and really started to enjoy to capture certain moments in time and make a short movie about it, capture a certain mood and enhance it by selecting the right background music. Here is one I created when I took my camera with me to work:

02.02.2012 from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

And this is one of my favourites:

February Snow from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

This last video was shot around the time Nikon announced the Nikon D800. As a Nikon user this camera really exited me and I almost couldn't believe it outperformed the much more expensive Nikon D4 when it came to video. So I decided to pre-order a Nikon D800 and sell my Nikon D7000.

Nikon D800

I had made decision when stepping over from Nikon to Canon that I would only buy full-frame lenses, since I can only spend my money once I thought it would be best to buy lenses that I could still use when I would have a full-frame camera at my disposal.

Obviously this turned out to be great when I got my first full frame camera in the Nikon D800. My 17-35mm F2.8 was finally as wide as it was meant to be (although I rarely shoot at 17mm :-)). I had always loved my 50mm F1.4 lens on my APS-C Nikons but I even loved it more on my D800.

With the prospect of having a holiday and a trip to Roland Garros a few weeks after I got my D800, I was so excited. But only after two weeks, after I didn't use my Zacuto Pincher only once, my HDMI port didn't work anymore. What a deception, the Nikon Service Point for The Netherlands is only 5 minutes away from where I work so I brought it over there to have it fixed...little did I know that it would take 8 weeks! for me to have it back, they decided to give me a new one, since it took so long.

So I couldn't use my D800 when I was going to Paris with my friend to watch the Roland Garros mens semi-finals, instead I took my good old D7000 which I hadn't sold at that time:

Roland Garros Day Trip from Marien Brethouwer on Vimeo.

It has been almost two years since I bought my Nikon D800 and haven't had a single regret. I know most video professionals still prefer Canon or Sony DSLRs over Nikon but for me it is absolutely good enough for doing video and it still is one of the best DSLR (if not the best) stills camera on the market today.


You might have wondered why I am using this domainname and nickname all over the internet? I guess it was around the year 2004 when I was playing football (soccer) each lunchbreak with my colleagues at work, a colleague of mine (Remko) gave a lot of colleagues brasilian soccer names derived from players like Ronaldinho, Adriano, etc. I am not sure if he came up with Marienho (as in Ronaldinho) as well but I know I used this name when I joined a football (soccer) poule at work, I had to give my team a coachname and I came up with 'Jose Marienho' derived from the famous portuguese Football Manager Jose Mourinho. Since my niece is half-portuguese I also had a connection there and I have been using the nickname Marienho ever since.

So this is me and what I have done the last couple of years in a nutshell.

I hope this blog will turn out to be a helpful resource for you in the future.

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